Adoption of a Smoke Free Housing Policy

Smoke Free Housing

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This implementation guide, developed by the Sault Tribe Strategic Alliance for Health Program, provides information on the resources and key steps in working with a Tribal Housing Authority to develop, adopt and implement a policy for smoke-free housing. The guide focuses on a specific approach for implementation of a smoke-free housing policy with a Tribal Housing Authority, but it is intended to be useful for public and affordable housing in all communities. It may even be useful when implementing a smoke-free policy with market-rate housing. 

One benefit of initiating a smoke-free tribal housing policy is that policies provide an effective way of protecting a large portion of the tribal population from the health dangers of secondhand and third hand smoke. 

Smoke-free housing policies can also change social norms around commercial tobacco use and reduce the modeling of unhealthy behaviors to children who may live in the home.

Finally, the smoke-free housing policies provide support to those who are trying to quit smoking. When residents or guests must go outside the home to smoke, this often reduces the number of cigarettes consumed. There are many resources listed in this Guide; you will find information and technical assistance to meet your needs when implementing smoke-free housing initiatives.